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Oil of Oregano

Voted #1 immune product

Consumers and retailers have repeatedly voted Joy of the Mountains the #1 Immune Product in Canada. Our company spares no expense to create the very best certified organic Oil of Oregano on the market.

For Numerous Conditions

The unique phytochemistry of certain Oregano species delivers a combination of medicinal actions that make Oil of Oregano useful for a wide variety of internal and topical conditions.

Fights Infections

Though Oil of Oregano is best known for fighting Colds and Flus, it is successfully used for all kinds of infection-related conditions: viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic and protozoan.

Protects from Illness

Oil of Oregano boosts immunity and fights bugs, protecting you from sickness and food poisoning while travelling, and Colds and Flus during the long winter season.

Reduces Inflammation

Oil of Oregano reduces inflammation and pain when applied topically, making it useful for muscle and joint pain, sports injuries, bruising, burns, wounds and dental issues.

Speeds Healing

Oil of Oregano’s unique chemistry speeds healing and shortens recovery time of sprains, strains, wounds, cuts, scrapes, sores, blisters, bruises, and burns.

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I have been using Joy of the Mountains Oil of Oregano for about six months ever since a natural pharmacist recommended it for an upset stomach. I have found it to be as effective as the claims I have read.
As a result of taking it regularly, the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) I have had at least 10 years is completely GONE. I can eat foods I haven’t for years; I am not plagued by stomach discomfort or gas. I feel normal again!!
I started taking your Oil of Oregano for my Inflammatory Bowel Disease. In about two weeks I noticed a big difference. Then I noticed I could breathe through both nostrils... something I haven’t been able to do for years. I also noticed my aching joints had improved a lot.
I suffer from Celiac disease, IBS and leg pain, but since using Joy of the Mountains my symptoms have greatly diminished. The leg pain has gone completely.
Wow, am I so glad I found out about Joy of the Mountains Oil of Oregano. I use it on my daughter for her sore muscles; I massage it into the affected area and it relieves her pain. I also used it for my own nagging cough due to cold. I can also sleep at night when I take my Oil of Oregano. Thanks!
Not only is Oil of Oregano effective against infections - it is an anti-inflammatory and helps to reduce pain when applied topically. I recommend it for sore joints and injured muscles, and to speed the healing of any type of wound.
I picked up a bottle of Joy of the Mountains Oil of Oregano last Tuesday. I have had pneumonia from Christmas to mid-January and a cough ever since. I’ve tried antibiotics, Cold-FX, inhalers, etc. Finally this past Friday I decided to try your product. IT WORKED!
I have had recurring bronchitis for years, and a chronic annoying cough that never seems to go away. Prescriptions proved ineffective, including two different types of inhalers. When I heard about the effects of Oil of Oregano on bronchitis, I immediately tried Joy of the Mountains. Within two weeks, my bronchitis completely disappeared!
I swear by Joy of the Mountains. I promote it in the workplace for anyone with a cold, flu, sinus issues or allergies. After using antibiotics for three months for a sinus infection, I was introduced to your product by a health food store. It cleared up within three days…”